Hegemonious Double Standard

Hegemonious Double Standard

Beware of the alternative-Jew's insidious anti-Nazi propaganda (or views contrary toward national governments). International fairness for NATO, the United Nations, the European Union, and every political union may be established through equal, parallel national protective isolation doctrine for the white, Arab, other Gentiles and the Israeli, not just the Israeli.  If national protective isolation means Nazi government to some, then Nazi government should not be excluded any more than any other national government (video) such as Israel or Iraq.  The important element of any excellent government is the goal of Theodemocracy, regardless of the political form in which it may be presented.

The European Union and the US, especially the politically prudent among the white kindred nations, both who have been unduly suppressed at the media throttle in particular, are pressed not to allow outside, apostate, Jewish (anti-Christian) control and propaganda continue to direct, swindle and bastardize their constituents.  Many political leaders have become as prostitutes led by the hand into the bedroom of their enemies.

One country should not be given the privilege of racial, religious or social bias and the other not--let every country have its own protective isolation laws: Even as a man puts away a woman worthy of divorce, nations must put away laws (or adverse, written lawlessnesses) that destroy the race of its people--its own people's welfare must come first.  For example, national, non-Galatians Israel would not invite protagonist Americans, Europeans, Arabs, and others to come to their country and pursue their civil rights, much less give them Affirmative Action privileges (as in the USA). However, the apostate, Jewish and other anti-white  people in America have antagonistically promoted such an anti-constituent lawlessness in the USA.  This manifests treachery and undue influence pushed through the control of the anti-white political whoremaster.  

Therefore, the catastrophe in the USA is an evident sign for all nations that one sided, apostate, Jewish hegemony does not work to the benefit of any nation, but rather can cripple and destroy it regardless of its size or strength. In order for all nations to establish an equal balance, there is a political need among the Christianity-favoring nations for equalization promotion such as the following: Proposition of Democratic Equality. (See this site!) The subversive effect of Talmudicism (anti-Christian Zionism), the common denominator of hegemony over a proxy-government nation, must be fought with reverse-Talmudicism--pro-nationalism.

Politics in America must be corrected. Inheritance maintainance is a critical issue and need. The promotion and implementation of constitutional, constituent prosperity would help our own country and others. It would eventually also help Israel, notwithstanding their attempt to dominate and pervert our and other nations' political thought. Giving in to the demands of the accursed (the unbelieving Jew and his mongrel or Japhethian proselyte) only works to destruction. Leadership through honor of God and His blessedness is the answer for the Gentile nations. Israel itself could be made a refining pot through proper Gentile guidance in spite of its contrariness as long as national politicians do not tolerate their religious, Talmudicist demands, not a corrupt melting pot as ATP (atrocious Talmudicist propaganda) has politically forced upon other countries through anti-unity promotions, especially with immorality propaganda and subversive entertainment. However, we must start first by cleaning up the treacherous politics which the insider Jewish has imposed upon our own country, the USA, and then restore by making preferential provision for its white founder's descendants and heirs.

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